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How to start receiving LPG cylinder subsidy directly in Bank Account

To start receiving your LPG cylinder subsidy directly in your Bank Account you need to become Cash Transfer Compliant (CTC) customer.

From the set date (to be announced) subsidized cylinders will be supplied only to Customers with Aadhaar number and only though their Bank accounts. In case you do not have Aadhaar Number please enroll to get Aadhaar immediately. If you do not have a bank account, open an account without any delay.
All steps are necessary to become CTC customer and get your subsidy in Bank Account, please skip any step if already completed.

To become a CTC customer you need to take following 3 steps :

  1. Obtain Aadhaar Letter or Aadhaar Number
  2. How to link Aadhaar Number to LPG Consumer Number
  3. How to link Aadhaar Number to a Bank Account

After completed all above steps the  LPG cylinder subsidy will transfer directly in Bank Account and consumers being paid Rs 435 directly in their bank accounts.

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