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S.G.S.Yojana for BPL

1st Man : 

  • It is learnt that Blocks are giving loans to the poor under SGSY scheme.

Who deals with that in our Block.
An Employee :

  • SGSY loans are under P.A, concerned E.O and V.L.W. By the way where are you from?

1st Man :

  • I am from XYZ village.


  • Better meet your V.L.W/ E.O or P.A. They will guide through. (He meets the V.L.W/ E.O or P.A)

1st Man :
Sir I am from .............. village. I am a poor man and wants to avail a loan under SGSY. What should I do?

To get a loan under SGSY one has to meet certain criteria, like:
  • One has to be a permanent resident of a village.
  • One has to be a BPL Card Holder of 1997 BPL list.
  • One must not be a loanee of any Bank or SCS.
  • The opted project has to be a NABARD approved one.

PA/ E.O:
If one fulfils the above criteria he has to attend the Palli Sabha where a Three Men Committee will consider his case. Upon his selection by them his application will be filled in and will be duly sponsored to the concerned Bank for sanction and disbursement of loan.

Apart from this, if you form a group ( only BPL Holders) SHG loans may be disbursed under certain criteria like :-

  • The group must be 2 years old.
  • It has to pass Grade- I and Grade-II tests.
  • The opted scheme must be approved by NABARD.

This is the process and you can apply for either.

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Mohnish said...

please comment how a poor can get the loan in cg through his BPL card....
what is the process to follow ..