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Rural Housing Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY) for BPL

Group of Men:
We are a group of poor villagers of ................ village. We are homeless. We come to know that Block is sanctioning IAY houses to the homeless. Who should we talk to ?

Block Employee:
The Senior Clerk in the Development Section is looking after IAY. You can meet him in the Development Section. (The group of men go and meet the clerk)

Group of Men:
We have come with a view to getting houses under IAY. What should we do?

Concerned Assistant:
To get houses under IAY you have to meet the following guidelines.

  • You should be a permanent resident of a village.
  • You should be a BPL Card holder.
  • You should be landless and homeless.
  • Your name should be selected in the Gram Sabha so that work order will be issued to you. Then you enjoy the benefit of home.
  • Of course, the Govt. has reserved some percentage for some category like Green Card Holders, Handicaps.

To avail houses under Special IAY scheme one has to meet the following guidelines like:

  • One has to be a permanent resident of a village
  • One has to be a BPL Card Holder
  • One's dwelling houses should have been damaged / collapsed (either partly or fully) in the last Super Cyclone.
  • He should have received either Rs.2000/- or Rs.1000/- as exgratia help from the concerned Tahasildar.
  • He should not have other pucca houses in the village.
  • He should not have availed any financial assistance for construction of his house from any Govt or non-Govt organisations.
  • A person who has received only Rs.1000/- as ex-gratia and satisfies the above criteria, his name will be considered through drawl of lottery.

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Gulshan Goyal said...

sir how to get a form of IAY scheme and how apply for this