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Earnings of diffrent types of employees in India

No.Earnings of diffrent types of employees in IndiaConverted into Rs./month
1.Average cost of employee* in Air-IndiaRs. 53,000
2.Average cost of employee* in MARUTI UDYOGRs. 24,000
3.Average cost of employee* in the MUMBAI MUNICIPAL CORP.Rs. 16,000
4.Minimum starting salary in the FIRE Dept. in MumbaiRs. 7,000
5.Average earning of an Indian - US$ 440 per year or about (This is based on a GDP of US$ 440 billion and 1 billion people)Rs. 1,727
6.Minimum earning required, as per WORLD BANK, to live at above poverty line, for underdeveloped countries like India, China etc, about US$ 1.0 per day or US$ 30 per monthRs. 1,410
7.MINIMUM WAGES, as per Government of India, for all the States, about Rs. 40 to 60 per day per person, average about Rs. 50 per day. For 25 days per monthRs. 1,250
8.POVERTY LINE definition, as per Government of India, see below for explanation, at Rs. 10 per day, per person, approx.Rs. 300

posted by TALLY ADVISIOR on 11:34 AM